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Selfridges, also known as Selfridges & Co., is a chain of high-end department stores in the United Kingdom that is operated by Canadian group Selfridges Retail Limited, part of the Selfridges Group of department stores. It was founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1908. The flagship store on London's Oxford Street is the second largest shop in the UK (after Harrods) and opened 15 March 1909. Other


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Current Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Poor management don’t communicate with each other"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"late shifts, no work life balance"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"bad management and sometimes rude customers"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Late shifts i hated them."

Former Employee - Assistant Merchandise Planner says

"terrible leaders, no pay rises, long hours, no support"

Former Employee - Customer Relations says

"Worst place and company I ever worked for. didn't have my own laptop and had to use someone else's account for entire duration of my contract. The business doesn't take GDPR very seriously. Yearly bonus and increase were taken away from staff due to COVID-19, when it's the time they need bonuses most! I would definitely not recommend this company, as it only focuses on their stores and not digitally. * Bad work culture i.e. no events and not very sociable * Low pay, with useless benefits, except staff discount * Office was extremely unhygienic, especially in restrooms * It was overcrowded; lots of people didn't have their own desk, no facilities i.e. no filtered water and it had a coffee machine, but you have to bring your own coffee * Not enough meeting rooms, kitchen was small can only hold a few people so you have to take turns. It was also used as a meeting room * IT was undertrained and would take at least 2 weeks to handle requests. * HR was located in another city, so no face-to-face interaction * No recycling in the office except paper cups, but portrait themselves as being big supporters of recycling"

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"HATED THIS PLACE. horrible management and huge stench of toxic masculinity everywhere. Ridiculous micro-management from the fleet of floor managers. Never busy enough, always bored."

Purchase Ledger Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Only benefit of working here would be the discount -Poor management and of delegating workload - rewarded by your hard work of being given other incompetent members of staff to do -Incredibly b**hy immature colleagues - very poor salary and no progression - very unprofessional behaviour by other members of staff- not a nice working environment with a lot of negative attitude by othersNice office, great discountColleagues, salary, no progression"

Sales Associate- Womenswear Contemporary (Former Employee) says

"People are rude, horrible, bully, Walked out on my lunch break, really horrible environment, manager was horrible lady. They are snobby because they work in selfridges"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was a Christmas temp working for own bought , taken on after working in a concession for 2 years with no issue. Was told by my manager that I would be kept on after Christmas for definite. My manager called me up to the pod on the Monday and offered me the job, the following Saturday I wasn’t well but was told if I didn’t come in the offer would be taken away. So I came in with a doctors note plus medication later on that day she called me up to the management suite and said she will no longer be making me permanent. I celebrated with family which was a waste of time. My sales were amazing also feedback from customers was 10/10. No training provided thrown in the deep end, avoid if you have kids too this company has no values I can’t believe how much I done for this company and the treatment I got back!!!!!!! PLEASE AVOIDDiscountsManagement, Support, Everything !"


"Most enjoyable: the staff and the creativity side Workplace culture: Not people oriented. Management: Not supportive I learned that luxury retailing is not for me... I felt very unhappy there.Meeting famous people in our premium spaceAuthoritarian management, poor attitude"

Packer/Picker (Former Employee) says

"For my first job in London, it was fine..but they fired many people and that because it was not too much work for us and we were too many there..This is not good.."

Buying (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend it, it is not a nice place to work. They do not respect you. They will not appreciate you or the work you do. All they care about is the money they make. They do not care if you are happy."

Sales Assistant, service assitant, retail operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 3 years worked my A off so I could get a management position of brand specialist , all I got at the end was the responsibility of cleaning up the shop floor. they are horrible to non English workers and they sure that you don't progressonly the discount"

Picking team (Former Employee) says

"Very bad management and disorganised area for picking team. Finding items on sales floor with little help. Mangement are pretty much useless and job is very anoying to do. Complained to manager that secruity card was not working and he did nothing. Got stuck in stockroom for 30 minutes which is huge health and safety hazard in the event of a fire. Whole place is full of health and safety problems. Complained about card, got fired. Take my advice dont work for picking team, rubbish pay for a lot of work, pretty much useless management, and health & safety hazard. NO pros no discounts, pretty much nothingno prosHealth and safety hazard, very serious"

IT Service Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Join the Company on a contract last year working on the service desk. Was told not to come in after a week. I left my other job for this job and then lost both jobs. Why take someone on if you planning to sack and make a person jobless after a week. I was just told not to come the next day. This made me depressed and ill. I did have a mortgage to pay and and bills. If i knew this was going to happen then I would not have left my other job in the first place. The Manager does not care at all. Seems like shes getting enough money to keep her smiling but does not know nothing about IT. Some in the team like to help but others do not. If they don't like you they will try to get you out. What I learned was to stay strong, and do your job as normal.Poor Organisation, Weak Managers"

Retail advisor (Former Employee) says

"I was offered the chance to look after a niche perfume brand for a week. I enjoyed the lovely fragrances and did very well selling them diligently. I experienced unbearable jealousy from colleagues; was offered no support from anyone in the store including managers. I have learnt that a passion for fragrances is very different from selling them in a competitive environment.nice fragrancescut throat atmosphere"

Sales assistant and Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I was only a christmas temp but I was treated the best. It was my first ever job at just turning 17. They expected way too much from a young girl and a student. They didn't really make me feel welcome and empathise that I was so young and nerves at having my first ever job.MerchandiseManagement"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very stresfull environment to work, managers bully, treating stuff unfairly and with no respect. I wouldnt recommend if you are not ready to face difficulties and stress level in the shop."

TAILOR FITTER (Former Employee) says

"Too many management layers who all look at everyone under them with jealousy. They talk about development and your future but this doesn't come true unless you are up the managers ****. The only good thing are the other workers on the floor, all very nice and friendly. There is NO work life balance only work work work. Your are there to serve the rich.n/aeverything"

Men's formal wear (Bull-Ring) says

"not very exciting position, was extremely bored on a daily basis, company really needs new management put in place and relocation"

manager (Former Employee) says

"incredibly long working hours due to very little organisation and lack of planning. no appreciations and somehow unethical workplace. lack of professionalism at all levels. exhausting shifts, last minutes demands, no recognitions. lack of communication means that you are receiving different and contradictory instructions from the different managers. you might witness argument between bosses on a regular bases. very depressing workplace. not recommendeddisorganised, unethical, unfair, expectation unclear, long shifts"

Personal Shopper/Elfridges (Former Employee) says

"After being a temp within the store for several months, you would think moving on to becoming a permanent member of the team would be a relieve. Not so, much, I did not enjoy my time there at all, long hours, terrible management, hardly allowed breaks, I was literally dehydrated all the time and I just did not enjoy any minute of it.Good commission scheme if you put in the worklong hours, bad management"

no (Former Employee) says

"If you wanna make commisson, then selfridges aint half bad. However, if you want to be in a positive supportive environment while you work, then no pick somewhere else. Managers not supportive and all and lack confidentiality. As long as you make money for them they dont really care how unhappy you are. Transfer within selfridges is not allowed, which particularly is unfair. There is so much more. long story short if you want to be respected and treated well this aint the place to be.commissionNo respect no one cares about anything other than money"

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist (Current Employee) says

"Staff are bum lickers to management. Fake smiles too much makeup. No buddy scheme. Rubbish locker system. No bonus no payrise. The only good thing is the people I work with."

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Worked on Customer Service. Management not great. Good atmosphere and often see famous people in store. Hours awful. You'd have to get in fifteen minutes before your shift started or you'd be classed as late. Long walk to get from your desk to the locker room which took ten minutes of break times. Only one break a day.Bonus and discountAll day on your feet, managers not great"

Eloise Forbat says

"Following on from my last review. Selfridges have yet again failed on their promise of sorting this for me for the 10th time! They are made me stay up till 10pm to get a phone call... I knew it was all lies... and they just proved it Again! The management are awful and do not care of the torture they are putting customers through with the constant ignoring and constant lies. Give back my money for something you failed to deliver to me!! I already emailed you with FAO Social... but you’ve ignored that too!!! Can you refund me my hard earned money for something you know wasn’t delivered!! You have given me the worst over thinking and panic attacks. I am typing this fall asleep as I was told to wait till 10pm for a call, and it was a lie ... AGAIN!!! You take my many thousands when I regularly shop from you happily, but when one thing goes wrong on your end, you put me through hell, something out of my control. I have no words, just utterly horrified. Customers and value... all but in name!!! Sort this out now with my refund!!! Do not tell me to email social if I get no responses to actually sort this! So incredibly let down and saddened by this experience!"

Alice says

"Hi, I placed an order for a dress, however have been sent an entirely different item, with the tag of the dress I wanted attached. I’m now worried that if I return the package they’ll think I switched the tags to a cheaper dress myself! The customer services line charges, and so I can’t call them on my phone contract. There isn’t an email address to contact them as an alternative?"


"Selfridges has the most appalling service I have ever dealt with. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED FOR A LOAD OF HASSLE. I placed an order on 27/12/2020 with an expected delivery of 3/01/2021. Item never arrived. I phoned the customer service team on 5/01/2021 for an update on the order.I was told the order should have been dispatched and she would send an email to the warehouse. On 6/01/2021 I received an email to say the order has been cancelled as they have "run out of stock". Placed another order on 5/01/2021 with an expected delivery date of 15/01/2021. The total order value was £190.00. Selfridges only dispatched part of the order with no explanation of when the remainder would be sent. On 13/01/2021 my account showed that the remainder of the order was "in progress". I phoned customer services on 15/01/2021 to establish when the remainder would be sent. I was again advised that she would send an email to the warehouse. I am still waiting for a dispatch date. I had to return the first part of this order. Selfridges send you a link to return the items via DPD, however, DPD do not update the tracking information when it is collected. I am dreading the handling of the returns process if the handling of the dispatch of the orders is anything to go by. Just another load of hassle with trying to get the return of my money which amounts to £190.00. The only way I can see of getting this resolved in making a Head Office complaint - more hassle. SELFRIDGES YOU ARE A DISGRACE"

Chloe Hatton says

"ordered 8 items with selfridge's in that ordered i should of got 3 IT concealers which i did not ,i email pictures of the box which was all open and wet when arrived i was told i would i get a phone call but never did so phone again was told the same thing i am £75 pounds out of pocket here and no one seems to care ????? is there something wrong with this company ?? please could someone look in to this for me before i contact paypal Many Thanks ."

C M says

"Ordered some perfume. Money taken 9th. Advised delivery would be 10th. Nothing arrived. Nothing received by DPD. Called and emailed to no avail. Advised at first phone call they would look in to the non-arrival of my purchase. Again, hear nothing. Call again to be advised they still don’t know where my parcel is, thus prohibiting them reissuing another delivery, despite having my money, without me having my product. Request to speak to a supervisor, that cannot be done as phones don’t transfer. Request a refund, to be advised that can’t be done at that time! Eventually get a phone call advising of my refund. Complete mess and whilst mistakes can happen in any business, the complete lack of desire to rectify their mistakes was thoroughly disappointing. I don’t want to shop somewhere that doesn’t value my custom and seek to take responsibility for their mistakes."

Mrs Yvonne Green says

"Purchased an item but unfortunately it did not fit. So I returned via Selfridges link with a dpd collection from my home. The item was collected, the driver left a card for my tracking. Well, no dpd site recognise the number on the card. I’ve contacted Selfridges about this but Selfridges have been no help, just stating they haven’t received my return, my only link fir tracking is on the return I made from Selfridges, which states return generated!!! it’s be over a week now. I’m in limbo here, Selfridges generated the return and pick up and I have no idea what’s going on. I have a card which reference numbers mean nothing!! Surely a company of this status could improve its customer service."

customer says

"Cancelled my order due to stock issue even tho is says instock online and still does cancelled it day before its due to arrive and not returned my money to account NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM SELFRIDGES absolutely disgusting"

Mo says

"Order No: 108096677 I am a regular shopper at Selfridges and before Christmas spent almost £2,500 but will be returning mine and my wife's coat which haven't been worn luckily. This is due to recent terrible experience I had whilst purchasing online. Recently placed an order for almost £700 and got charged delivery that is the least of my concern. I ordered 2 items one for me and other for my nephew who turned 16. Selfridges could not fulfil my order, then when the one item that arrived was not the colour I ordered and the white in the trainers was stained yellow like it had been sitting on a shelf exposed to light. Loyal customer who will now be shopping elsewhere."

Sam William says

""This item is out of stock" ... They tweeted in 2015 they would add a filter for this. Still haven't!"

Ross says

"OMG if only I read the first reviews !!! Wrong item sent not once but twice item part of Ralph Lauren set different colour bottoms/ joggers to the marl hoodie? If it not the same as what you advertise then that’s not great mistakes happen but twice...shame on me ! Never again it’s put me off shopping in store when they open.. :-("

Kathryn Reed says

"An incorrect item sent, which is inconvenient to collect and return for an overseas order."

Steph Wiles says

"Placed an order for a Jo Malone candle, and opted for next day delivery. Order arrived yesterday, it is not my item, not only that, the invoice and delivery note have someone else’s name and address on. Called customer service to explain what had happened, 12 minutes of not a lot being said I was told it had “been passed to the relevant team for investigation as it is quite a serious matter” when I then asked when I would be contacted I was told she didn’t know but it’s normally quite quick. Providing timescales is quite an important factor in customer service. Not only for the customer, but for your business too. Actually providing time scales to a customer is likely to decrease contact chasing for responses, which also frees up your customer service team. Anyway received an email today about them arranging collection of the incorrect item. They have not even addressed the data breach, or what steps they have taken to identify where my data has been sent, no mention about me receiving my actual order. These are all basics of customer service. I shouldn’t of had to ask all of the questions I have in my response, these should have been addressed straight away! After reading all the reviews, I’m sure there will be more problems when I return the incorrect item meaning my order won’t be fulfilled! Absolutely disgusting service from what is supposed to be a “high end retailer”. I work in customer service myself and am actually appalled at the lack of basic customer service."

Louise Sophia says

"Absolutely shocking customer service from a “high end” store. Returned Christian louboutin trainers 30/12 via selfridges courier service DPD (no option to return in store for this brand so this was my only option). DPD tracking information confirmed arrived safely at depot 31/12. And since then absolutely nothing from Selfridges’s regarding my refund!! However they managed to quickly take payment and ship the additional pair I ordered (change in size) hence return of the other pair! I have been left in whereby I am now out of pocket for 2x £550 payments for Christian loubiton trainers. The additional £550 payment was for the additional order I made for the correct size (which we have received) I returned the incorrect size in good faith via the chosen method by selfridges with confirmation receipt that I have returned these via DPD. I am now out of pocket for £1,100 as I await my refund still of £550. I plead with anyone reading this to please be cautious of ordering from selfridges this is about the 5th problem I have encountered with them. Marked trainers, taking double payments, charging me for “out of stock” items! I can honestly say it has never been a good experience, I second the recommendations in other reviews to opt for John Lewis (who’s customer care is outstanding in my recent experiences) and also look to shop in other luxury brand stores there are plenty online or deliver on promises and refunds when you return items!!"

Jo Hough says

"Avoid I am a considerate person who enjoys shopping.I have had a terrible experience dealing with Selfridges. I returned an item on Nov 30th (l have a proof of delivery from DPD and also a photo of the van & driver) l am still waiting for my refund!!!! The difficulty is that as a customer l am unable to speak to anyone with authority about my case. I have spoken to customer services 14 times so far! I have been lied too and told that a manager will be contacting me and heard nothing. When l ring this process is repeated. I have been told for the fourth time that it is with a case manager and he will contact me tomorrow. I hope so. I just want my £1350 refund. Although l loved shopping at Selfridges l will never be shopping there again. I would recommend John Lewis and Waitrose for their fabulous customer service, where nothing is too much trouble. Even Amazon are so much more responsive, helpful and efficient. If you are looking for good customer service do not shop at Selfridges!"

MCas says

"Bought a pizza oven in November and sent it back then without even opening it up, as I wanted a different one. Still haven't received my refund. When emailing CS they say they are busy and that I should check on 'my account' for an update. However, on my account, there are two entries for my product. The first one says there is no information and it says 'Awaiting information, please check back soon'. And for the second one, it says that my refund was due on 8th December. But I still haven't received it! Soon it's been two months since I returned the parcel. Slow service and not very helpful. Cannot believe it can take this long! UPDATE: Emailed them like they suggested and still no reply.."

Jenna Carsjens says

"Worse service I have ever received."

Cassie says

"I am sticking with this company as I have always had great service. My order was a little delayed before Xmas but due to the exceptional times we are all facing I am cutting them a little slack !!!!"

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